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Long Distance Moving Services

Miami Movers refer to long distance moving as any move that crosses state lines and is over approximately 75 miles. Long distance move  is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. When making a long distance move, it is important to use state and interstate licensed long distance movers  because that will guarantee that the company you choose is also insured.

When you start shopping for a long distance moving company, you will find an unlimited number of long distance movers to choose from. You can narrow your selection by checking performance records with the U.S. Dept. of Transportation or your local Better Business Bureau.

Our Services

Miami Movers provides long distance moving services to all point in the United States from a single item to full service packing for a residence or office. Miami Movers always uses its own vehicles and full time professional long distance movers and drivers. In this manner, Miami Movers can control the efficiency and quality of your long distance move from beginning to end. As an independent moving company, Miami Movers are able to provide you with exact pick up dates and delivery schedules. Our moving service includes up to 1 month free storage while in transit, detailed inventory listings of all household goods, free padding for all furniture. Full service packing is available at an additional charge.


Moving long distance can be very costly. Obtaining accurate estimates are important and will insure there are no unexpected charges. In general, interstate moves are priced according to weight or cubic feet. Miami Movers charges by the cubic foot and the weight. By using this method, Miami Movers can guarantee the cost of your long distance move before it has been loaded onto our truck and provide you with the complete cost of your move to the last penny. Prices based on weight are usually estimates and can be adjusted after the truck has been weighed. A generally accepted industry standard equation for comparing estimates of weight to cubic feet is divide weight by 7 to get cubic feet or to multiply cubic feet by 7 to get weight. In general, the cost of long distance moves are broken down into 3 parts:

In addition to these primary cost components, you may be subject to other charges on a special moving needs basis. As example, there may be extra charges for custom made wooden crates, hoisting or stairs at the delivery destination. All these will be discussed up front prior to your long distance move and will be included in your total move cost quote. Another important issue that can arise is getting a tractor-trailer access to your new home. In some cases, they can not approach and need to be off-loaded to a smaller truck for delivery. In this case, you would be charged an extra cost for the labor time

Call Now: (954) 519-5002, (305) 400-4298

Licenses: IM1168, MR434